At PCMB, we’re big nerds. We spend our days talking and building tech. We spend our nights playing with it. We are firm in our belief that while there is obviously no evidence, that red RGB in your system does indeed increase your PC performance by 15%. We’re wild, crazy, avid tech nuts that are dedicated to bringing you into the fold so we can all enjoy today’s tech together. That’s why we’re the best for your custom build or project.

PCMasterBuilds got its start in the early 2000’s as the nameless teenage brain-child of its owner, Jacob Hammitt. He spent his child years building computers and gaming, and spent almost a decade working in cellphones while he built the company.

We’ve always been building one thing or another, whether it be computers, networks, programs or file systems. Reach out to us, and let us do our very best to get you going.